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What is the Northfolk Project?

After retirement I decided that I would enjoy life in North Norfolk and wrap all the things I get up to in the title of the Northfolk Project. It has included setting up and running the Poppyland microbrewery and an annual programme of public Geology Walks. Currently it revolves around research into the local geology, working with a local fossil collector to document his collection and research into fishermen's ganseys, two of the things that I enjoyed most as a museum curator. I also add to the Field Guide to the Deep History Coast from time to time.


I give illustrated talks to groups on various topics with geological and Norfolk themes:

Of Ice and Men: North Norfolk's Deep History Coast

Recent research reveals many exciting secrets about the geology and archaeology of Norfolk's Deep History Coast.

Fishermen's Ganseys from Norfolk

An illustrated talk on the history and variety of this disctinctive working garment.

I am fully equipped with digital projection equipment and screen. Give me a call on 01263 513992 or mobile 07887 389804 or email me on martin.warren[at]